6 Smoker Benefits When Collecting Glass Water Pipes

Any tobacco outlet that wants to make regular sales will look to make glass water pipes a signature product to provide to customers. These elegant designs are perfect for any customer looking for a clean and concise flavour with their pipe. Before accepting second best with another material format, take note of the 6 benefits with these assets. 

1) Clean Tobacco Taste 

Woods and ceramics might be seen as a more traditional option when it comes to tobacco users and how they engage with their pipes, but the fact remains that these materials interfere with the natural taste. When constituents apply their substance to glass water pipes, they are enjoying a pure, unfiltered experience. Every customer is unique in this regard and it is impossible to define taste, yet it is obvious that on the count of pure flavour, it is impossible to look past glass options. 

2) Affordable Product Options 

Glass water pipes can be incredibly cheap and accessible or set at premium prices. In most cases, tobacco enthusiasts will encounter something in between in this context, but it demonstrates the financial versatility and ease of access that guarantees excellence across the board. If there are participants that want to get in on the industry from the ground level, they will have a number of brand options that are sold to community members depending on their budget range. 

3) Unique Pipe Styles 

Smokers who are in the market for these profiles of pipes will be presented with options like the steamroller, the Sherlock Holmes, the chillum, the spoon and the bubbler amongst other innovations. Regarding length, shape and general aesthetic of the product, tobacco users won’t be left short for options. This will depend if the buyer is assessing the item based purely on practical applications or how it looks. 

4) Easy Cleaning Process 

The clarity and transparency with glass water pipes is another component that is worthy of assessment. Thanks to general washes, specialty mixes, alcoholic brands and acetone, there are easy methods for having the item back to its optimal best. Other material formats don’t exactly offer that same luxury because of the nature of their design, leaving smokers to guess what condition their utility is in before each session. 

5) Glass Thickness Variety 

There will be tobacco enthusiasts who might have a horror story about glass water pipes or heard from a friend of a friend that they are too fragile and therefore too unreliable to buy. What this misconception overlooks is that suppliers offer a variety of glass thickness levels, ranging from the light 3mm creations to the extensive 9mm and 12mm alternatives. Thankfully most designs in the current climate are made around the 5mm to 6mm mark, guaranteeing a degree of strength and durability that makes them worth the price tag. 

6) Healthy Industry Competition 

When it comes to the smaller details like packaging, customer delivery and customer service with glass water pipes, there is a higher degree of competition that makes these investments worthwhile. It is no longer a small market niche where only a handful of outlets are on hand to sell these materials. The extra degree of competition experienced through online and offline stores helps to keep prices competitive while maintaining high standards with delivery and product care. 

Purchasing glass water pipes is a move supported by a lot of tobacco smokers in the industry. With a range of selling points on display, it is clear why they are quality investments for those that are new to the practice or others that have years of smoking behind them.