What To Know About Going To A Root Canal Dentist In Noosa

A root canal dentist in Noosa serves a very specific purpose, and that is to help perform a procedure to repair a damaged tooth. The tooth will have a damaged pulp, and this is fixed by inputting a filling. The pulp is a very important part of the tooth, and has tissue fibres, vessels and nerves encompassing it. When this becomes damaged or infected, the tooth can become very painful. Thereby, a good dentist in Noosa is required to install a filling, also known as endodontic treatment. The treatment rate for this procedure is typically very high, and the vast majority of patients who undergo it will find success. The end result should last a long time, provided that oral hygiene is maintained. This is a common procedure that many people have to undergo and is not something that should be worried about.

If you still have some doubts and fears, read on to find out more about going to a root canal dentist in Noosa.

What is involved in the procedure?

A root canal dentist in Noosa performs a specific procedure, one that is common amongst the population. There are many steps to procedure, which will be outlined below to give you an overall look at how it goes.

  • Consultation

A consultation is required with a root canal dentist in Noosa to determine whether or not you require this procedure. If problems are identified, then the procedure may take place at a later date.

  • Removal of decay

Decay is a common occurrence when the pulp is damaged in the tooth, and as such, it needs to be removed in order to proceed with the procedure. The practitioner will remove any dead nerves around the tooth, and help to clear the canals. The root canal dentist in Noosa will provide anesthesia, to prevent any pain. People often think this procedure is painful, but the medication used ensures that no pain will be felt. It is crucial for the practitioner to clean out the tooth as deep as possible, as otherwise, you may risk reinfection.

  • Fill the canals

The root canal dentist in Noosa will install a filling in order to prevent infection and further decay. This is the final part of the procedure, and will help to prevent it from happening again. This is usually filled with a material that suits, and will not interact with the body. In doing so, it prevents any infection from growing and spreading, which is what you want.

Will it hurt?

Dentist in Noosa and a patient

It is a common misconception that visiting the root canal dentist in Noosa is a painful experience, however this is far from the truth. Media such as movies, as well as misguided rumours, has given people the impression that drilling into the tooth will be painful. While this would of course be true if no anesthetic was used, in modern times, it is always used for procedures like this. A root canal dentist in Noosa will be sure to use anesthetic to numb the area, before going ahead with the procedure. While it may be an uncomfortable experience being awake during the procedure, you will not feel any pain, and the procedure is almost certain to be successful and pain free.

In summary, a root canal dentist in Noosa performs a specific procedure used to remove dead nerves from a tooth. They remove decay, and will aim to prevent infection from occurring and spreading. This is done by inputting a filling which will prevent this. A root canal dentist in Noosa may seem scary, but it is a procedure with a high chance of success and no pain.