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What Men Should Look For When Shopping For Groovy Socks

It is too much of a generalisation to say that men are incapable of shopping for funky socks in Australia. Some do have a sense of style and a general grasp of what works well, but it is helpful if they are given a leg up (so to speak) when it comes to their shopping habits.


This is an item when heading to a department store that is often overlooked for a matter of importance. Whilst you invest all of your clothing time and energy into the right shirt, the right type of jeans, a cool pair of sunglasses or even that neat pair of boxer shorts for the evenings, the sock is always an afterthought.


Forget that dynamic right now. Here we will outline how you can shop for men’s groovy socks by sticking to some fundamental tips that are ideal for newcomers and the unenthusiastic shoppers.



As you scour the marketplace for groovy socks, invest some thought in the colour that you are going to opt for. There is the conservative option of just bringing in a pile of black socks into your dressing room draw as a means of playing it safe, but that does not always have the aesthetic appeal you desire. To be truly groovy, think about what will compliment or contrast well against the colour of the pants or trousers above, because that will give you a greater definition of a style that will sit well.



There will be a variety of materials to choose from when looking at the groovy socks that are available on the shelves. From synthetic types that are thin and stretchable, to cotton that is ideal for the sweaty foot, and the wool profiles that are utilised to breath easier during the warmer months – the choice is yours as the consumer.


Once you have selected a colour that suits what you will be wearing (or not wearing) above, then prioritise a material that will work inline with your preference. The aesthetics is one factor to consider but comfort and suitable is quite the other.



Another facet that is widely overlooked for groovy socks is the need to include padding. Consider this element if you happen to be regularly on foot or active at the gym where the inside of your shoes experiences a great deal of traffic and friction. There can be medical issues that emerge at the heel of the foot should you not have any padding in place. Modern socks have options that are suitable for this profile of consumer.

Length of the Sock


The modern day trend of 2018 is to opt for groovy socks that are ankle high for shorts and for exposed legs with a longer range ideal for business attire. The latter would ideally fit up halfway to the top of the calf to ensure a degree of comfort and coverage in cooler conditions. Again, much of this choice will come down to personal preference as the long sock can create added sweat, whilst a shorter sock can leave the leg feeling cold and exposed. Groovy socks can only be classified in that form if the length suits the user for the conditions they need on a day to day basis.



These recommendations to shop for men’s groovy socks might seem fairly basic to the initiated, but the simple notion of investing a couple of minutes thought into the features of an ideal men’s sock can really help in the long-term. From the aesthetics that suit a particular job or social occasion to the environmental comfort and the suitability for the active individuals who required added support – groovy socks are far more than just an item to stick on your feet.