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What An Arboricultural Report Should Contain

Many of you reading this will have looked at the title of this article and have no idea what it means. Well, let me explain, this article is about trees, the wonderful world of trees and more specifically surveys about these plants

Arboriculture is known as the cultivation of trees, so either growing or nurturing of them while an Arboricultural report considers the whole ecosystem around a tree or group of trees, how it contributes to the land around it and all sorts of other things to do with the life of a tree and the world around it.


First question, why does and arboricultural report get produced?

There are a couple of reasons why a survey like this will be carried out. Firstly, to do with safety. Weather damage and old age can make trees a hazard for those living in the area. Branches can become weaker as they get older and are more likely to fall in inclement weather conditions. If a tree is considered a risk to the public by the local council, this report will be drawn up to measure just how much danger the tree poses to the community.

Another reason, an arboricultural report is drawn up is at the behest of a mortgage lender. They want to know their loan is safe and may ask for the longevity of the house to be proven. A survey will be produced showing that the surround trees offer no threat to the foundations or otherwise of the building. These are the two most commons reasons for having a report produced.


Who carries out this survey?

An arboricultural report is usually carried about by someone who has the necessary qualifications in arboriculture as stipulated by local and regional councils. The arbor culturist should also have many years of experience carrying out similar duties and should have a general knowledge of the local area as well as some basic understanding of local rules and regulations. This can ensure that the report is carried out effectively and efficiently with minimum time lost reviewing mistakes.


What should an arboricultural report contain?


This is the most important question related to this field. Providing accurate information on this survey is highly important as any mistakes could mean that they survey is voided. When drawing up the survey, the name and business address need to be provided of who has asked for the survey to be done. The reason for the report needs to be started as well as who commissioned it and why that was done. The address of the site is given, and the methods used to study the trees in the area is also provided. Once this is written down, a synopsis of the site should be drawn up as should any recommendations that are felt to be needed.

With regards study of the actual site, a site map needs to be drawn up in the arboricultural report. This should show the exact locations of the trees on site as well as services that are located within proximity to the trees, whether they are above or below ground. A detailed description of each tree should be provided too including exact trunk size, scientific name, height along with a summary of the tree’s condition. Photo’s are attached to the report showing all trees on site and a detailed write up about each tree is given detailing every aspect of the soil and rootzone around the tree.

The arboricultural report will then finish with a list of recommendations on what should be done with the trees on site and is provided to the local council.