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Top Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses in Sydney

The eyes of every wedding congregation are focused on the bride and groom as they walk down the isle; however, there’s no denying that the member of the bridal party to get the most ‘aww’s’ is the flower girl. There are few things cuter than watching the little miss skip down the isle throwing petals. But to make sure this moment is as magical as possible, its essential to find the right gown. This is an opportunity to be a bit playful and let out your inner child, but with so many retailers selling garments it can also be tricky. So here are some tips and tricks for choosing flower girl dresses Sydney.


Choose A Colour

The first thing to consider when buying a flower girl dress in Sydney is the colour. As the little lady wearing the frock is a member of the bridal party, it’s important for her to fit in with the colour scheme. Many brides opt for something that is a similar hue to the bridesmaid’s gowns, whereas others decide to have the mini bridesmaid in a white frock that imitates her dress. Both options are appropriate, but with so many options out there, it’s best to make a decision and have something in mind before you start shopping.


Age appropriate

Another important thing to remember is the age of the youngest member of your bridal party. Everything, from the colour and length to the neckline should be age appropriate, or you could have one uncomfortable little girl and a confused congregation. Most flower girl dresses in Sydney are either floor length or tea length, but which length you decide upon usually depends on the age of the girl wearing the frock. Younger girls are often better off in a tea length dress and some cute flat shoes, this should make it easier for them to move around and will decrease the chance of them tripping over. For slightly older girls, a floor length gown may be a better option. Longer dresses tend to look more sophisticated and will make her feel more formal and grown up. It isn’t just length you should think about though; neckline is equally as significant. It is often recommended that high necklines and thick straps or sleeves are better for younger children, as it makes any wardrobe mishaps less likely. Having a slightly older girl allows for more neckline options and the possibility of spaghetti straps, but steer clear of anything low cut or revealing.



Whilst you and your bridesmaids are happy to follow the rules of ‘no pain no gain’ on the wedding day, this can’t be said for the younger members of the bridal party. So, when shopping for a flower girl dress in Sydney, be mindful of comfort. For starters, don’t choose anything that is tight or form fitting and instead opt for something flowy and easy to move in. Fabric is also something that should be thought about, avoid anything heavy or itchy. Some good, comfortable and suitable fabrics include satin (because it doesn’t crease) chiffon and organza. While you’re on the hunt for the perfect flower girl dress in Sydney, focus on these fabrics and floaty silhouettes.


Let Her Choose

It’s no secret that children are temperamental and aren’t afraid to speak their minds, this means that if your youngest bridesmaid doesn’t like the gown you’ve picked out, she will certainly say so. A great way to avoid this is to let her help you choose. Make the experience fun by taking her flower girl dress shopping in Sydney with you. Select a few frocks that fit your wedding theme, get her to try them on and allow her to choose her favourite.


Plan for Growth

When ordering the selected flower girl dress in Sydney don’t worry about finding the perfect fit. Don’t forget that children grow really quickly, so if ordering the dress in advance, get a dress that is a couple of sizes too big- it should be a great fit by the time of the wedding.


Although choosing the perfect flower girl dress in Sydney can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, if you follow these tips you’ll be sure to find something adorable!