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The Top Six Benefits Of Workplace Flu Vaccinations Melbourne

If you’re considering offering workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne to your staff, you’re definitely making a good choice, especially with our health sitting front and centre more than it ever has before. Providing ways to improve and protect the health of your employees that go above and beyond basic OH&S helps you to stand out as a good employer while also improving your bottom line so it’s never a bad idea. Today we’re exploring the top six benefits of workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne but remember that this list isn’t exhaustive and there are plenty of other great perks too.

Healthier Workforce

First up we have the benefit of having a healthier workforce. People who feel better perform better and workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne are a great way to protect your staff from catching influenza and getting knocked around for weeks.

Less Downtime

Another benefit of workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne is that you’ll experience less down time within your workforce as people will be requiring less sick days. This is true both on a personal level for each employee, but also from a group view as people who aren’t sick can’t pass germs that they don’t have around the office.

Higher Productivity

As we noted above, feeling better promotes higher productivity among workers. While you’ll obviously experience a slight reduction in productivity during the time that your staff are getting their workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne (as they can’t be working and getting their jab at the same time) this disruption is minimal and can save you a whole lot of lost productivity down the track. Your employees will also be more likely to provide better productivity if they’re happier but we’ll get into that a bit later in this piece.

Lower Chances Of Burnout

Workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne

Another great perk of workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne that you may not even have considered is that it can greatly reduce the chances of burnout with your employee pool. This is because there won’t be as much extra work landing on staff’s desks due to absences from illness so their workload will be far more manageable. This in turn promotes a better work / life balance and improves the overall wellness of your workforce.

Positive Employee Sentiment

We touched on how positive sentiment can improve productivity above but that isn’t the only benefit that workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne can offer for your business in this regard. While it is certainly true that employees are more likely to perform better in an environment where they feel valued and cared for, there are other perks that come with having your staff feel that you company is a great place to work. For starters, happier workers create a better vibe in your space which is crucial if they’re in customer facing roles, however, a positive employee sentiment and workplace culture is also vital for attracting and retaining high calibre staff. Plus, since we all know that it costs far more to hire a new candidate, than it does it keep an existing employee, this has further benefits for your bottom line.

Potential For Easier Access To Covid-19 Boosters

Finally, with vaccine companies already working to produce combined jabs that offer protection against both COVID-19 and influenza, you’ll be uniquely positioned to offer your staff this added protection if they want it as you’ll be able to add these jabs to your workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne.

Ready to set your business up for a happier, healthier and wealthier future? Take the first step and set up your program for workplace flu vaccinations Melbourne today.