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Red Flags For Clients With PR Companies in Sydney

There is no shortage of options for clients who wish to embrace all that is great about PR companies in Sydney.

Setting the agenda to improve the brand against competitors, these professional operators maneuver behind the scenes to ensure that your organisation communicates your assets to the target market.

However, there are red flags that can emerge over the course of a business relationship when they either fail their duty or fall short of their oversight as a representative.

These are crucial moments that must be recognized and acted upon, because mistakes that are not registered leads to greater problems down the road.

Here we will examine examples of those red flags to ensure you are well aware of what to do next.


Offering Guarantee on Sales

What must be established from the get-go with PR companies in Sydney is that they have the power to influence public opinion, but they cannot determine tangible sales results. Any executive or manager in this field who gives a written or verbal guarantee is lying – pure and simple. This will be negligence of the highest order and a deceitful act that misleads the client to make bad decisions for their brand. Avoid this shifty behaviour at all costs and consider it a red flag raised.


High Staff Turnover

Those PR companies in Sydney who continue to churn through staff at a high turnover rate should see an immediate red flag raised. Not only will this speak to a lack of team culture within the organisation, but logistical problems will arise for those who have sealed a deal with a firm. The same details will likely have to be repeated and the chop and change of professional relationships will erode trust and lead to mistakes. Those operations that have continuity and a harmonious team culture provide the type of environment that clients love, giving them assurances and guarantees that the same professionals will see the project through one step at a time.


Do You Need To Pitch To The PR Firm?

An indication that PR companies in Sydney are lacking the knowledge and background to complete the task for a client is the unusual step of getting you to pitch to them. Seen as a power play in many circles, this can be an attempt to invert the normal parameters to give them an education on what they have missed out on. This scenario is backwards and it is vital that at no stage in the relationship you feel as though you are seeking their attention and affirmation. At every juncture you should feel empowered to ask the pertinent questions that are on your mind and outline the goals and objectives that need to be met. If a PR company believes you are not worth the time, then that should be established without the need to play games.


Failing to Meet Deadline and Schedules

Schedules and deadlines give a test for PR companies in Sydney about their time management skills. When employees struggle to keep up with this mandate, it illustrates that they are either unprepared to meet the challenge, will be inundated with client demands or they are simply failing their job. The odd scheduling conflict will emerge over the span of a business relationship, but continued clashes cannot be acceptable as your investment dollars for the brand are going to waste. When this occurs, raise a red flag.


No Social Media Strategy

In 2018 it is unacceptable for PR companies in Sydney to have an absence of a social media agenda and strategy. Website presence will be part and parcel of any business model in this setting, but a comprehensive public relations campaign will be inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+ and more. These are open, free and transparent modes of communication and failing to utilize these tools is sheer negligence on the part of the operation. 5-6 years ago it might have been understandable in some examples that social media was not entirely necessary, but those days have long since gone.


Lack of References and Testimonials

A solid indication that PR companies in Sydney follow through on their rhetoric with action is the accumulation of happy and satisfied clients. Through references and testimonials, this will operate as a transparent guide about their expertise, what goals were set, how they achieved those goals, and where that brand stands today in comparison to their original state. If a company cannot support their claims with evidence that they have overachieved or met the challenge, then you will be forced to either leave the meeting or make a leap of faith.



Consider these red flags a warning for PR companies in Sydney who are failing their duty to the client. No matter where they are based or what sector they specialise in, there are universal benchmarks that are established and should be adhered to.