Key reasons why you should learn Tableau

Tableau is great software that allows you to easily visualise and report data which in turn will help you to identify patterns and better understand business performance.  As a result, it is highly beneficial for businesses to utilise the software and for employees to learn Tableau for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s easy to learn Tableau

There are so many tutorial videos that enable people to easily learn Tableau without seeking out a paid course. There are a number of free tutorials available. Utilising blogs, online communities and specific resources dedicated to the software will ensure that employees understand it in no time.

  1. Learn Tableau Public

Even before you have bought the software you are able to practice it via the free version. This means that you can test it out and trial in on various data collections prior to investing in the software to ensure that you not lonely like it but also that it is going to be easy to use.

  1. Classification and storing of data

If you learn Tableau you will be able to operate with big data much more easily than previously. The software gathers, classifies and stores very large sets of data and allows you to visualise it in the most effective way for your business. It means that you are easily able to understand, critique and build upon your data at any time.

  1. Broad connection to data sources

The software is easily connected to a wide variety of different data sources meaning that it is likely to be compatible with the software that is already being used. Not only is this cost effective but it also aids the logistics of bringing in new software. If your employees learn Tableau, they will be able to easily collate all of their data in one place instead of across the numerous platforms currently being used. The platform will also automatically identify relationships between data making employees life easy.

  1. Works on all data

Being able to work across all data types makes this software highly compatible. It treats all data the same so you don’t need to create different visualisations for different data. Everything can be done in the same way.

  1. Simple to use

Often when the time comes to learn Tableau, or any new software for that matter, people will think that it is going to be complex and challenging. This is actually not the case as it is super easy to use and understand so employees will be utilising it to its fullest in no time.

  1. Beneficial for your career

When an individual is able to learn Tableau they are actually helping the progression of their career. Once you have a sound knowledge of the platform you are able to complete a course to award you a Tableau Certificate that says you are an expert in the software. This is extremely beneficial in gaining new jobs with a higher salary as you have proven skills. Additionally, you will now have a strong knowledge of what data means and how it can be used to uncover new information.

  1. Benefits the business

As with the introduction of most software, if all of your employees are able to learn Tableau your business will run a lot more smoothly. No longer is everyone worried about organising data correctly and spending hours doing so as much of the work is now completed by the software. This means that employees can spend more time working with clients or on other projects that don’t have the help of advanced software. This will ultimately reduce costs, speed up productivity and provide more detailed data reporting which is highly beneficial for any business.