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How to keep your garden happy and healthy

Maintaining your garden is one way to make sure that your home looks like you have put in a lot of time and effort when in fact it can be relatively simple with a little bit of work on regular basis.

Your garden adds vibrancy and life to any home as people walk out to the backyard to fully immerse themselves within your home. Green grass and healthy, flowering plants make it feel even more like home and are great if you have a garden that is big enough for entertaining.

So, how do you keep your garden happy and healthy all the time?

  1. Take care of new plants

When the weather starts to warm up, your plants are going to start to grow a little faster than usual, may be flowering and it is the ideal time to plant new ones. In all instances, more specifically for those that are flowering, it is important that they receive the right nutrients to ensure that the flowers do not die prematurely or fall off.

Regular watering and a little bit of help with some fertiliser will ensure that these new flowers look healthy and brighten up your garden.

  1. Keep your pots cool

Plant pots can heat up a lot during the day and this isn’t good for the plants root system and hence the plant itself. Take the time to move the pots around so that they all get equal time in the sun and in the shade. This not only helps them stay cool but ensures that those plants that are often in the shade get their share of sunlight and live longer.

  1. Water in the morning

Watering your plants in the morning is the ideal time of day. This is because there is less intense sunlight in the morning and this enables your plants to more naturally soak up the water without it evaporating into the air.

It also ensures that your plants are moist throughout the day as the hot sun beams down on them, helping them to stay cool and well hydrated for the duration of the day.

  1. Fertilise

Whilst it is important to be fertilising your budding plants, regular fertilisation is also important for the general health of all plants. It ensures that their roots continue to grow out and that their leaves and flowers retain a rich colour year round.