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How to choose the right window blinds

Everyone understands the need to have window blinds in their home – they help you control the level of light coming into your home while also working to obscure the view of people outside your home for the sake of privacy. However, choosing the right style of window blinds for your home can prove daunting when there are so many choices to consider.

Whether you’re judging by the classic qualifiers of function, look, style, colour, cost and suitability or more modern one likes energy saving credentials and block out fabrics, there’s definitely a lot the think about, and at the end you may be left wondering – ‘did I make the right choice?’

The following will look at the most important considerations for choosing window blinds and pair them with the most suitable choice that meets the functional requirements of your home. Whether you are best suited to a roller or Venetian style, you can rest assured there is a huge range of choice for you to browse before deciding on a final look.


Choosing the style of window blinds you want is the first place to start. Do you like Venetian or roller better? Both have the ability to look great, but the one you decide on need to be reflective of the function of your room and your personal tastes.

The Venetian style is currently quite trendy. If you enjoy the aesthetic of plantation shutter, wide slat Venetians is an affordable alternative. They are also great for light control and privacy.

Roller style provides a streamlined and contemporary look that is practical for openings that are used frequently.

The style of window blinds you land on depends mostly on personal taste, so go with what you prefer and don’t look back!


Interior window blinds can be made in a wide range of materials that will vary in their suitability depending on the space you want to put them in. In areas that are exposed to high levels of sunlight, consider using aluminium Venetians, block-out rollers or white timber Venetians. These options have white or reflective backings that help keep out excess heat.

Areas that get wet, like kitchens and bathrooms, are rooms where you should consider materials that are moisture resistant. Aluminium and PVC window blinds are specifically designed to resist moisture in the wet areas of the home.


Different styles of window blinds will open and close with different mechanisms. Depending on the type of opening you have and your furniture, you may be more influenced by one style than another. Remember that access is another important consideration, so you need to be able to reach the wand or cord.

For example, if you have a sliding door and need easy access, roller style window blinds over the door is ideal because of its clean minimalist style and simple function.

Privacy and light control

Do you have an idea of how much light and privacy control you want? The answer you have may affect the style of window blinds that you go with.

Venetian style is a great solution for regular living areas because they give you complete control over privacy and lighting needs. All you need to is adjust the angle of the slats however you want the light/privacy ratio to be.

For bedrooms, fabric style block-out is a popular choice because they make the room dark for a restful sleep.

Ultimately, the style of window blinds you go with will come down to your personal preferences and suitability for you home. While the above points aren’t a be-all-end-all guide, they should hopefully set you on the right path to choose the best fit for your home.