How to best look after your suit

Looking after your suit may seem just like any other item of clothing you own. However, there are many differences in looking after your suit as it is likely the only two-piece item of clothing that you own with all the rest being single items that are regularly mixed and matched with others.

It is important to keep a suit looking nice as it is worn on nice occasions and with constant wear and improper care it is likely that its condition will deteriorate very quickly. Here are a few simple tips of how to best look after your suit.


When you are not wearing your suit it is important that it is hung properly to avoid creases and to ensure that it maintains it shape. The pants should be folded down the middle and along the crease line of the legs, not in half as most other pants may be.

It is also important that the jacket is hung on a proper jacket coat hanger and not a standard one. The reason for this is that the shoulders need to hold their shape or it will no longer sit beautifully on yours. When out, fold the jacket over your chair, do not hang it, for this very same reason.


When cleaning your suit there are a number of things that should be kept it mind. You do not want to be cleaning your suit after every wear and seldom does it need it. There is no need to wash it every time it is worn because it likely doesn’t get very dirty.

To keep your suit looking crisp, instead of having it washed have it pressed on a regular basis to keep it well ironed and shapely without the wear of a wash.

The second thing to note is that pants and the jacket should always be washed together so as to ensure that the pants and jacket do not end up as different shades through fading. It is a good idea to purchase multiple pairs of pants with the same suit jacket as it is the pants that receive the majority of the wear and tear.

Overall, when washing the suit it is crucial that it is both professional done and only gets dry cleaned. This ensures that it retains its wonderful shape, doesn’t crease and doesn’t wear as rapidly as it otherwise would.