Home and Improvement

Great ideas to give your home a facelift

There comes a time when every home needs to be updated to keep up with the latest trends or just improve a few things that over the years have worn out. Sometimes, this can feel like a little bit of a chore but you can always make it fun by getting creative and asking the kids to help.

The best part is that the majority of improvements don’t need to be expensive and are simply a few little repairs or additions that are going to add colour and life to various parts of the house.


Whether it’s a slightly different colour or just a new coat of paint, this will certainly improve the vibrancy of your home. The walls can become dirty and the paint starts to fade as the years go by but with a strong, new coat, the walls are going to shine bright once again.


This is something that needs to be attended to on a regular basis but finding the space for flowers certainly adds colour and life to any home. The fun with this comes in choosing the vases that the flowers go in. different vases create a different look and the colour of the vase will also impact the room’s mood.


Fresh bed linen will always make a house feel warmer and give every room a beautiful facelift. Like the walls, sheets begin to fade and they no longer sit as smoothly on your bed. New bed linen is a great addition for the colour and life of the house as well as a little personal gift that you get to snuggle into every night.


Blank walls simply make a house look bland and disinterested. Filling these blank spaces with beautiful artwork is a great way to make the house look interesting and boost its energy. Of course, the artwork must fit in well with the colours of the rest of the home, however, photography can slo be a unique take on filling these wall spaces.

Photography adds a sense of authenticity to the room and is a great curiosity, in many instances, for guests to the home.

Pillows and blankets

The pillows and blankets that sit on your couches need to standout and add colour to the room. A neutral couch works well because it can be updated every few years with new pillows and blankets that create a more vibrant and happy mood throughout the room.