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Getting birthday balloon delivery for someone special

When it comes to some you love’s special day it can often be a little bit of a struggle finding out exactly what to get them. So many of the things that people really want are too expensive and then all of the other gifts are too small.

People often resort to giving money and this is a relatively small gift regardless of the amount enclosed. But a great way to boost this gift is with birthday balloon delivery in Sydney. Pairing this small card with birthday balloon delivery will make the person feel special and it immediately alerts them to your thoughts. Birthday balloon delivery creates a celebratory feeling of congratulations when combined with a monetary gift or gift card that otherwise can be left wanting.

What birthday balloon delivery options are there?

There are a number of options when it comes to birthday balloon delivery and it can even become a little bit overwhelming. It is important to consider the persons likes and dislikes as well as their personality when choosing the colour and design for your birthday balloon delivery.


The bubble shape is a slightly different take on the traditional style. These showcase an image or a pattern that can highlight the person’s age or their interests in sport or cartoons. These are great and you can purchase as many as you like to make it a special day.


The foil option provides some of the most diversity across the styles available for birthday balloon delivery. Firstly, there are two different shapes being a circle and a diamond option that both come in 18-inch dimensions.

Then there are the orbz which are similar to the bubble style in that they can showcase the person’s favourite colours, movies, characters and sports. However, these are perfectly round in shape and give off a 3D look. This is great for when you are looking to get a little something extra without going over the top for kids.

The Supershape style comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These, along with the Orbz, lend well to all of your favourite cartoons, movies and characters. Many are even designed especially for certain occasions. If the special person is into animals then there is also an incredibly wide range of these available. This leads well into probably the coolest design which is the Airwalker. These are all pet animals that have been given legs so that when they are floating in the air they actually look like they are walking.

Finally, you can also purchase letter and number shaped ones to highlight the special occasion. Birthday balloon delivery is a great option with these fun, novelty balloons.

Gift bouquets

These are a combination of the most loved shapes and designs and are great for a gift or for decoration. The gift bouquets can be a great option for adults as they are more sophisticated and focus more on the celebration than cartoons and movies. The gift bouquets also look great around the house or at a party if that is where you choose to send the birthday balloon delivery.

Choose those that come in the person’s favourite colour or elect for a champagne bottle shape to really get into a celebratory mood.


This classic design is great for birthday balloon delivery. It highlights the occasion and shows the person that you have been thinking about them and didn’t just get a gift card on the way. That is arguably one of the biggest benefits of getting them delivered – the opportunity to show the person that you really do care.