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Do Personalised Balloons Offer a Healthy Return on Investment?

Shoppers and businesses who are considering the benefit of personalised balloons have a choice to make: stick with what is cheap and straightforward, or invest a bit more creativity and effort to have something truly worthwhile?

Customisation is an important facet for the 2019 consumer as there is a need to offer more variety across the board.

This applies to brands and local outlets to couples, young families and homeowners looking to promote everything from a birthday party to a yard sale.

By including personalised font and a style that speaks to the tone of the event, customers are finding that they are getting more bang for their buck than remaining with the generic option.

Why is this the case and can you really score a healthy return on investment with these items?

Let’s find out!


More Creative Freedom

Having a fully customised product that can be created from scratch is certainly a value addition that can be sourced for personalised balloons. Think of all of the creative ways in which they can be personalised, from shapes that spell out names and numbers to transparently written monogrammed items that bring out the colour of the backdrop, to personalised products to be used as props in family portraits – the opportunities are seemingly endless. Giving consumers the chance to work from a clean slate and canvas should be considered a smart return on investment.


Empowering the Consumer

No matter which way you look at personalised balloons, either from the perspective of a business marketing to their consumers or as the consumer yourself, there is a degree of empowerment that is evident with this profile of product. Generic items that are presented for an event do little to give citizens any sense of occasion. Having a full name, number or logo plastered across a decorated inflatable is a far more enticing prospect. In 2019 consumers want to feel empowered and this is an intangible asset that provides a healthy return on investment.


Lower Per Unit Cost With Greater Quantity

Personalised balloons might cost a little bit extra to design and manufacture than the generic model. There is the need to include the lettering, numbers and/or logo within the presentation and that is time and effort required on the end of the manufacturer. However, a healthy return on investment can be sourced for those that want a higher volume to celebrate their event. The greater the increase in the numbers, the lower the per unit cost will be for the package. This is a way to entice more production.


Valuable Beyond Initial Event

For mums and dads celebrating the birth of a new child or a couple fondly remembering their wedding, personalised balloons are items that can be treasured beyond the lifespan of the initial event. The generic batch of balloons are popped and discarded to the trash as soon as the music wraps and the lights go down, but this is not the case with the alternative option. This is where the true return on investment can be sourced.


Obligation-Free Quote

Understanding how much a set of personalised balloons will set you back as a consumer without paying for that privilege is an important step when gauging the overall return on investment. As you speak with a representative and run them through the style, design, quantity and production timeframe, you will be able to see whether or not this is a worthwhile venture. This will be earned through an obligation-free quote, offering a detailed analysis of the potential order in writing.



Personalised balloons do provide bang for buck. Not only are they more valuable for an aesthetic and presentation point of view, but it empowers the consumer to make creative choices and sets their own agenda for an upcoming event.