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Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Heater For Your Household

Whilst many brands, organisations and communities are seeing the benefits of what a solar hot water cylinder system can provide for their families, there are some individuals who remains skeptical about its advantages.


Seeing the initial setup cost and adaptation to a new model as something to fear or be concerned about, there is hesitation in various quarters to make the switch.


What is obvious from those who have implemented the system is that they are utilising a superior product, in every sense of the word.


Here we will examine why a solar water heater is right for your household.

Renewable and Natural Energy Resource


Whereas other heating systems must take from the grid and rely on a energy that is diminishing, a solar water heater system simply takes from the sun – an endless energy resource that is free and renewable. This abundance in energy should be embraced rather than avoided because it will be a long-term asset that continues to provide clean and natural power for the household.

Long-Term Savings Cost


Checking power bills from different providers has been a real eye-opener when it comes to judging the merits of a solar water heater system. Due to the fact that there is less energy being taken off the local power grid, the natural resource cuts down on the monthly or quarterly power bill across the board. The only issue to consider is the initial outlay, but the benefits for the next 5, 10, 20 and 30 years is there for all to see.

Less Maintenance


Having to call up a heating provider through a regulation energy provider has been regular and costly for many households up and down Australia. Dating back decades since the traditional models were rolled out, having to see a practitioner book an appointment and arrive either during or around business hours has been a genuine hassle to many. A solar water heater on the other hand requires far less upkeep to be maintained and conditioned. Requiring the occasional visit to ensure it is running in conjunction with the other heating elements, this is rarely a concern for homeowners today in 2018.

Government Subsidies


The Australian government have provided subsidies and rebates for those households who are utilising the power of solar water heater. By taking their family off the grid to free up space and energy from those resources, they are becoming energy independent and those in power would like to reward those who take this option up. Check with your local council and government departments to see what subsidies are currently running.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint


Thinking about the implications of our individual impact on climate change is not something that is often prevalent when we’re trying to manage the family budget. But that is exactly what occurs when you embrace what a product such as a solar water heater can do, as it incrementally helps the global cause to lower green house emissions.


There will be consumers who are at or on two ends of the spectrum in this respect, and those who are more environmentally conscious won’t require further convincing of its merits. Yet alongside all of these other benefits to save on money, time, quality and efficiency, this is the final advantage that makes it a must have item for those that can afford the initial investment.



Hopefully this argument will illustrate why the smart consumer will opt for the solar water heater. The incentives are in place and the trend is clearing heading in the direction of the solar water heater, a product that is clean, efficient, low maintenance and helps the environment in the process. A win for all parties.