5 tips for builders to be at the top of your game

Working on a construction site and constantly exerting energy through physical activity requires a healthy mind and body. Ensuring that you are doing everything you can to stay fit and healthy is important as a construction worker due to the heavy physical demands of the job.

Whilst maint5aining health is important for any job to ensure that the brain continues to function at an optimal level, it is arguably stressed more in a construction role due to the daily physical exertion. Here are some tips on how to best maintain your health as a builder.

  1. Sleep

Sleeping in super important to maintain peak brain function and ensure that your muscles get the recovery they require at the end of each day so that you are able to back it up. If you’ve been awake for over 17 hours your brain functions at the same level as someone with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 and this only increases as you stay awake longer.

Ensuring that you get to bed at a reasonable hour and are able to get the required 8 hours sleep is important to remaining productive on the work site each day.

  1. Diet

The foods you eat are what give you the energy to complete daily tasks. The healthier and more nutritious the foods, the better your motor skills and brain function leading to a more productive and higher quality performance.

  1. Look after your body

If you feel overly tired or sore it is important that you seek professional help. Working in such a physically demanding environment every day is bound to take its toll so a regular visit to the chiropractor or the physio is sure to keep your body in good shape.

Additionally, getting on top of illness early will help you to remain healthy and working to a high standard.

  1. Mental health

Your mental state is important to your overall wellbeing and will also impact on your ability to work. Pushing through mental health issues is likely to only make things worse so taking the time off to fix any issues is worth it.

  1. Exercise

Whilst you are regularly engage in physical activity on the job it is important that you remain strong throughout your body and regular gym work will help to reduce the risk of injury. through a stronger core and engaging the right muscles your daily site work will become easier and you will feel better as the weeks and months go on.