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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tree Arborist in Sydney

Tree arborists in Sydney are specialists that take care of woody shrubs. They are trained in planting, caring for, maintaining and removing plants. These professionals are most commonly known as tree surgeons. Whilst daily care of plants on your property is relatively simple, pruning and removal can become complex. Although hiring a tree arborist in Sydney can be expensive, it is not something you should skimp on and attempt to do yourself. Here are five reasons why you should hire a professional.


  1. They are highly trained

One of the main reasons why you should hire a professional instead of pruning or caring for the plant yourself is simply because they are trained to do it. You wouldn’t dream of representing yourself in court instead of hiring a trained lawyer, so why would you try to prune a woody shrub yourself when you have no idea how to do so? Tree arborists in Sydney are experts in the field of plant care, and are skilled in both the art and science of all aspects surrounding plant care. Any service you need; they are proficient at completing it.


  1. They have the proper equipment

Another important thing to remember is that when it comes to plant care, specific tools are required. Professional tree arborists in Sydney have access to the necessary chainsaws, axes, ladders and rigging to complete the job in the most proficient and timely manner. Some larger plants may require use of a crane in order to reach the top branches, this is something that you simply can’t get access to yourself.


  1. Improper care can harm or kill your tree

Although it may seem simple to just chop off branches from your plant, this is not the case. What you may not know is that incorrect care can actually be harmful, and could potentially kill your plants. Many professionals argue that it is better to not prune at all than to prune plants incorrectly. Each woody plant is different and will therefore require different techniques when it comes to pruning and care. Due to this, it is important to hire an expert who knows which branches need to be trimmed and how.


  1. It can be dangerous

Many people underestimate how dangerous plant care can be, but don’t forget that it often involves power tools (such as chainsaws) as well as other sharp equipment. Most of the time, in order to reach parts of the plant it is necessary to either climb up the plant, or use a crane to reach the top branches. This in itself can be hazardous, let alone when you are dealing with a potentially unstable plant. Furthermore, many plants may appear safe to the untrained eye, but one cut in the wrong place could cause the entire thing to come crashing down. Experienced professionals are able to recognise a high risk plant and will be able to deal with it accordingly.


  1. They have insurance to protect you and your assets

Sometimes accidents happen, they are more likely to happen if you are attempting to prune yourself, but they can sometimes happen whilst a professional is working too. The main difference? A professional tree arborist in Sydney will have liability insurance. This means if any part of the plant damages your property whilst the expert is working, you will not have to pay for repairs. Professionals in Australia should have at least $1,000,000 in liability insurance.


Despite it being tempting to do a little DIY pruning of plants on your property, it really isn’t the most sensible idea. But hire a professional and you’ll be the proud owner of the healthiest and most attractive tree on your street!