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3 Sights To See While Staying In A Tathra Accommodation

For those looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the south coast in New South Wales is the perfect destination to travel to. Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway or looking to have a holiday for a few weeks, having a Tathra accommodation is one of the boxes you have to check on your to-do list. In this wonderful place, there are a variety of different places to explore spanning from beaches, parks, restaurants, wharves, and many other places to choose from. For a good trip into the great outdoors, here’s a list of the top sights you can see while staying in your Tathra accommodation.

Where To Explore In Your Tathra Accommodation

1# Beaches

Here’s a place surrounding your Tathra accommodation that you’ll love to explore for shore. Down the south coast, there is a long stretch of beaches spanning from the Mimosa Rocks National Park and Mogareeka Inlet. You can sometimes spot seabirds and whales including a sight of the Little Tern. In this spot, you can see a range of wallabies and kangaroos that typically visit in the morning. You can surf on the waves, do some sailing, and have some fun in nature. You can even have fun in the massive playground, which is perfect to have fun. With the range of different activities, you can do at the beach, you can enjoy your holiday in your Tathra accommodation. In addition to the beach, they organise a range of different events, so nothing is ever boring at the beach. You can even do biking, fishing, and all other outdoorsy activities.

2# Exquisite Food And Drink

Tathra accomodation sights

One of the major perks of your Tathra accommodation is its range of seafood and oysters restaurants. They have an all-around gourmet fine dining spot called Fat Tony’s, which makes your oysters gourmet styles. In between all the adventurous sights, are some of the most amazing cuisines on offer in particular their brunch cuisine. In these places, they have exquisite breakfast and coffee restaurants ever to be seen, spanning from The Gap, Providore, and Wild Orchard to name some examples. With all these options and more, you’ll definitely have a delicious time on your holiday at your Tathra accommodation.

3#  Wharfs

If you’re looking for a stunning sight in a great location, the wharfs surrounding your Tathra accommodation is the place you should not miss out on. For a trip out to sea, these wharves are your close access to all the wondrous animals in the deep ocean. As an example, whales are seen in migration predominantly during the Spring season. As well as whales, you can even catch a glimpse of fur seals and penguins. Simply pop on a pair of snorkeling goggles and you’re good to go. These wharves have a long history with their history spanning from the 1800s, used as a travel point for soldiers during the first world war. For a historic trip, while staying in your Tathra accommodation, these wharves are the perfect place to take you back in time and take in the breeze of the water.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many sights to see surrounding your Tathra accommodation. From its beaches, fine dining, and wharves, you can see here that more and more people are traveling to the south coast of New South Wales. With this in mind, you’ll get a taste of the outdoor life away from the busy and swarmed lifestyle of the city. For an enjoyable holiday, look no further than coming down south to travel to your Tathra accommodation.