Why You Need a Building Inspector for Your Next Real Estate Purchase

Building inspectors are professionals who ascertain what is on the prospective property, and they can see things you might otherwise miss.

There are many building inspectors. The best are those with lots of experience in the construction procedure. For example, one wonders if a gardener turned building inspector will give the client what is needed. Whereas a registered builder, architect or engineer are likely to be very professional. That is not to say that an inspector who has decades of experience without formal qualifications will not be, he may.

What is professional then? A professional will be someone who can spot a significant defect and run it back to its source and see what is causing it. For example, when a crack appears in a newly renovated home, and it is new paint, does the inspector just note it, or does he become suspicious it could be something else? Does he look for the trees outside that are growing and drawing out the moisture from the ground outside, causing the footings to subside around them? The clue is in the crack, not just noting it is there.

The inspector needs to be able to inform the client what is going on, and then be able to tell them what to do to handle it if anything. Some will have a quality of service page. And just telling people about the problems of the house and all the minor scratches and scuffs might not be the right thing. For example, a fifty-year-old house will have many scuffs.

What is wanted to know is, are the gutters leaking, are they rusted, or are they there at all? Whereas in a new home, the fact that there are three tiles scratched in the bathroom, and there is one scuff in the wardrobe, is important, as it is a new home and it is expected to be blemish free.

There are various kinds of inspections. The most obvious are the building or structural inspection. That is a one-off type where the inspector notes items that should not be there, as above. The next inspection can be a series of assessments, and these are during the various stages of construction. They can be when the footings or slab is poured. Then when the walls are up and the roof on is the next. When the building is locked up is next. That is followed by when the home is fitted out, and all the secondary fixing by the carpenter is finished. Then there is the paint, and finally, there is the practical completion of the house. Often this last inspection is sometimes all a client wants.

Then there are two more inspections, and they can be the timber pest inspection and the energy efficiency inspection.

All the above are important, and that is why you need to have the right building inspector working for you. For professional results, contact jimsbuildinginspectionsadelaide.com.au for building inspector services. They are reputable professionals who have perfected their skills so much in this field. They have the capacity to do any building inspection professionally and produce a competent report. Hire them today and make an informed decision.