What to look for in Gutter Guards That Works over Time

Many people today know the need for a gutter protection. However, when it comes to buying and installing gutter guard Adelaide, your decision will determine the success of the gutter protection. For the best results, there are many things you need to know. These are the fundamental differences of gutter guards today.


* How they attach

Some gutter guards puncture your roof or tear off your existing gutters off and replace them with an all in one system which when it gets damaged if very expensive to repair. Other products slide in between the bottom row of shingles preventing water damage and are in 4-foot sections that overlap which cause it to function as one stable system but reduces the repair cost down the road.


* The Warranty

There are only a select few that offer a Lifetime no-clog, twenty-year transferable warranty, ninety-day performance warranty and Lifetime material warranty. Some provide a no-clog guarantee yet the product itself clogs, not allowing even water to get in and requiring someone to climb back up the ladder and scrub off the top of the screen or perforated product.


* The Price

Often they will charge $20- $40 per foot while others are $8-$12 per foot cleaned and installed. Just look for the best and not compromise quality over price.


The Water Capacity

A gutter guard system needs to handle a minimum of 10″ of rain per hour because that is the maximum recorded rainfall.

* What They are Attached With

Most will use plastic or aluminium components while very few use stainless steel attachments which never wear out and are much stronger.

* What is the surface Area

Any product that has a hole, perforation or opening have clogged themselves for years and will continue to do so. The cover must be solid with a solid opening across the front.

* The nose or front of the Gutter Guard

Most solid gutter guards have their nose forward because their gap is so large they clog. A select few can due to the small opening position their product a little bit back from the lip of the gutter to prevent permanent ladder damage to the nose causing water overspill.

* Will they Work on Different Roofs

Most will not work on anything other than asphalt roofs. Some will adapt to any type or pitch of the roof and any gutters.

* Will the valleys Overflow

Almost every single type of gutter guard Adelaide on the market today will eventually clog in the valleys and then overflow. Only Valley Controllers will do the job of handling all of the rain flow and never plug itself.

As you can see it pays to do your homework and make sure that the product has been around for many years or so to know that it will work on a home in any condition.