Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Implants

The price of any surgery, whether a major one or a minor one, varies depending on a host of factors. Many surgeries are often covered, at least in parts, by medical insurances; however, sadly, dental implants are not covered by the regular health insurance. This makes it necessary for the patient to do some serious research and gather all facts before paying for a dental implant procedure.

Following are a few factors that affect the dental implants Adelaide costs in one way or another. These factors will help by giving at least a vague estimate of what a dental implant treatment may cost you.


The place where you reside might have never sounded like a factor that could have affected the cost of a surgical procedure; however, it most surely does. The cost of almost everything is affected by the place of your residence. The cost of basic amenities and the overall cost of living varies depending on the country and the city you reside in, and the same holds true for dental surgeries.

Complexity of the surgery

You can never determine the cost of a procedure before the dentist analyses your oral health. The complex nature of a procedure is the hard part of the equation, which is very difficult to determine. Only an experienced oral care specialist can determine it.

Many factors can make the overall surgery process more difficult and also time-consuming. These factors ultimately increase the cost. If there are a bone and gum restorations also involved along with the dental implant procedure, then the cost is likely to soar much higher than the average price.

Location of the implant

Some areas in the mouth that are harder to work on than others. The cost of a dental procedure for a canine tooth is different from that of working on an incisor and also from that of a molar. The process takes more time and labour when done on more challenging areas of the mouth, thereby increasing the price of the procedure.

Therefore, it is recommended to have an oral health check-up before entering into an agreement regarding a dental implant procedure. It is important to understand every aspect regarding the surgical procedure and to know about what items the dentist included in the price he/she has quoted.

Compare one doctor’s price to another’s so that you get no shocks once the bill comes. People often consider the obtained quote as the total cost for the implant procedure; however, they fail to realise the extra charges and hidden costs that get piled up throughout the process.

Therefore, get detailed quotes from each dentist that you are considering in writing for every additional expense that will be involved in the procedure, like x-rays, anaesthesia, crown’s cost, etc. Doing this will ensure that the bill doesn’t shock you.

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