Australian Work Health and Safety Courses

A strong health and safety plan is essential for the protection of your workers in any business. Sometimes, this will mean enrolling your employees on a work health safety training course. There are several different types of health and safety courses available, each with their benefits. This article takes a look into some of the various kinds, what content they cover, along with how to find the best course provider in your area.

Manual handling training

A manual handling training course is designed to educate participants on the correct ways to lift and move heavy or bulky objects. A professional physiotherapist has made this course. It is particularly beneficial for a business that has manual handling requirements. Each course can be customised according to the organisation’s needs. It is typically held during a two-hour non-accredited workshop or a four-hour nationally accredited workshop.

Certificate III Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace. It is an entry-level course which covers how to identify hazards in the workplace, how to assess risks and how to operate equipment that is used for workplace monitoring. It will cover all of the current local legislation, and educate employees on how to deal with an emergency. All students will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

Certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

This training is a follow-up course to the Certificate III Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). It covers the above aspects in more detail. The course is available as a 3-day workshop, and then a six month period is given in which the participant must complete specific assessments. There is full support available throughout the course. All participants who complete the course will be awarded a certificate.

Diploma Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

The diploma in health and safety is a more advanced course which is suitable for those who are interested in managing health and safety within the workplace. To take this course, the participant must have already completed Certificate IV Occupational Health & Safety (OHS). This course covers a range of units that include the legislative requirements of health and safety which will enable you to progress your career within the industry. Other topics covered include assessing the work environment, identifying hazards, and studying the functions of policy development, compensation, and rehabilitation. All participants who take and pass this course will receive a nationally accredited diploma in occupational health and safety.

How to find a provider

The best place to look for a work health safety training course provider is to search for them online. Use your search engine to search ‘health and safety course’ along with the town or city that you live in. The course provider’s website will list additional details on the types of courses that they offer. Some programs can be delivered online so that you will be able to take the course from any location. If you are looking for work safety training providers, see this website.