Asbestos is a natural material that was used widely as a building material up to 1987. Asbestos is usually found in specific structures like fencing, roofing, exterior wall classing, water pipes, textured paints, vinyl flooring and floor tiles. When asbestos is left undisturbed, it can cause no harm. However, if the material is disturbed or the material containing asbestos is damaged, it might release fibres into the air which can be dangerous to your health.

One thing to know is that it’s not possible for someone to look at any material and determine whether it contains asbestos or not. Only careful examination and the use of microscope can decide and verify the presence of asbestos.

Health Effects when Exposed to Asbestos

In its raw form, asbestos is known t cause plenty of health effects on humans. Exposure to asbestos fibres can cause diseases such as Lung Cancer, Asbestosis, Mesothelioma and Pleural Plaque. The risk of developing such illnesses will depend on the number of fibres inhaled.

When talking of the health effects caused by exposure of asbestos materials, you should know that the undisturbed products will not cause or pose any health risk since the fibres are stuck together in a solid cement matrix.

How to Remove Asbestos

Now, before you think of asbestos removal, the first process should be to hire asbestos testing services. It is where an expert will test the presence of the asbestos material. If there are some asbestos-containing materials (ACM), then the expert will recommend asbestos remove. When it comes to the asbestos removal, you should make sure that you comply with the imposed rules and regulations related to asbestos removal. Also, you should be aware of the asbestos dangers and the safety precautions to take before you start the removal or renovation process.

Now, during the removal process, you should know that you should never use power tools on any asbestos material. You need to wet the surface of the asbestos material before commencing the removal process. Also, wear protective gear when removing the asbestos and finally ensure that you dispose the ACM at an approved landfill.

In most case, removing asbestos is not a DIY project. The reason is that you might not have the skills, experience and tools you need for such project. Therefore, it is always a wise move to seek professional help from an asbestos removal company. The experts know the right procedure for removing such harmful material from your home or commercial buildings.

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